In the aftermath of Rodney King’s assault by police officers in the 90s and his attackers’ subsequent acquittal, Ian Rowe and Nique Fajors grew weary of a public narrative proclaiming that black men in America were doomed to failure under an oppressive system. A feeling of invisibleness struck both Ian and Nique who were then Harvard Business School classmates as the stories of men like them became increasingly ignored in the public eye. So they launched “The Invisible Men,” a documentary telling the stories of amazing black men at Harvard University who achieved success by leaning on the core principles of family, faith, free enterprise, and entrepreneurship.

Today, Ian and Nique have resurrected “The Invisible Men” as a video podcast. In their inaugural episode, Ian and Nique share their inspiration behind launching “The Invisible Men” documentary in the 90s and discuss why — 30 years later — their message of agency and empowerment is needed more than ever.


Harvard professor Roland Fryer on studying difficult questions with economics (part 1)

Episode XXXI

Harvard professor Roland Fryer on disrupting the false narrative around policing (part 2)

Episode XXXI

Live Episode with John McWhorter

Episode XXXVI

Jason Riley on the legacy of Thomas Sowell and its importance to our future

Episode XXVI

Glenn Loury on the
power of grit 

Episode III

Bob Woodson on why 1776 Unites matters right now

Episode IV

Bob Woodson on rescuing American history from “race hustlers”

Episode XXVIII

Shelby Steele on the Powerful Influence of White Guilt



2021 in Review: Advice to Darryl

Episode XXXVII

Ian & Nique on the Olympics and the importance of high expectations

Episode XXXV

Scott Hilton-Clarke on finding your inner music and purpose

Episode XXXIII

Barry Johnson on what it means to be a "possibilitist"

Episode XXXII

Tony Sewell challenges UK government on reason for poor racial outcomes

Episode XL

Kmele Foster on Fatherhood and Seeing Beyond Race

Episode XLI

Theodore Johnson on restoring American patriotism, properly understood

Episode XXX

Ward Connerly on Malcolm X, equality vs. equity, and the Biden presidency

Episode XXIX

Anthony Bradley on a data-centered view of black progress and human flourishing

Episode XXVII

Irvin Scott on the Importance fo Faith & Fatherhood

Episode XXXIX

Washington State Representative David Hackney on stewarding a great education

Episode XXV

James Hill on building crypto business & driving community development

Episode XXIV

Former CIA analyst Yaya Fanusie on finding peace from within oneself

Episode XXIV

Jonathan Newton on finding drive and direction out of a Bronx upbringing

Episode XXIII

Charles Love on the importance of hands-on investing in communities at risk

Episode XXII

David Mahan on building personal and cultural transformation through faith

Episode XXI

Delano Squires on the virtue of strong family life and responsible fatherhood

Episode XX

Chris Campbell's fortitude propelled him to unretire and win an Olympic medal

Episode XIX

Andy McGadney on the transformative power of education

Episode XVIII

John McWhorter on the enduring effects of rhetoric after the Rodney King assault

Episode XVII

Myron White on investing in the success of real-life "Darryl's"

Episode XVI

Eugene Robinson's "New York Hustle" paved a lifetime of strength over adversity

Episode XV

World champion Lee Kemp on the privilege of another battle

Episode XIV

James Stovall's "open door" mindset helped complete successful start-up exit

Episode XIII

Cliff Barber on “spiritual poverty” and the power of faith

Episode XII

Barry Williams, legendary corporate board executive, on excellence in life & business

Episode XI

Rav Arora on thoughtful analysis in an era of identity politics

Episode X

Troy Stovall on reimagining pathways to power

Episode IX

Wilfred Reilly on challenging ideological uniformity in academia

Episode VIII

Vernon Lee on the importance of supporting black entrepreneurship

Episode VII

Gervase Warner on building a culture of forgiveness

Episode VI

ShotSpotter CEO Ralph Clark on improving policing through technology and entrepreneurship

Episode V

How the Piney Woods School is shaping a new era of black excellence

Episode II

30 years later:
Invisible no more

Episode I